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Traceable, Wild, Sustainable Seafood Landed at America's Oldest Seaport, Delivered Fresh To Your Door

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Who We Are & What We're About

CatchDirect is proudly headquartered out of Fisherman's Wharf Gloucester. This gives CatchDirect access to the millions of pounds of seafood unloaded at Fisherman's Wharf annually. In addition to access, this affords us the unique ability to control the entire supply chain - from offloading to packaging to delivering directly to our customer's in our CatchDirect trucks. Our customer's will know who caught their seafood, who filleted and packaged it and who delivered it to their doorstep. We live in a world where eating frozen, imported seafood is the norm. Sadly, this is even true in coastal communities. It is our sincere mission to change that narrative one CatchDirect delivery at a time. Eat fresh, and eat local!

-Greg, Nick, Chris & Vito

How It works

Step 1 - How Much Fish

A 1 lb. fillet will typically give you 2 serving portions

Step 2 - How Often

Decide on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries

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Step 3 - Enjoy

Keep an eye out for the CatchDirect truck and enjoy your fresh fish